Note Mount Rinjani Trekking Via Sembalun

Climbing the mountain is one of the activities to be done by many people especially if the climbing trip accompanied by the people closest to the atmosphere would be more fun. One of the mountains that must be visited is Mount Rinjani trekking which has a height of 3726 meters. With these altitudes make this mountain became the second highest volcano in Indonesia. although the mountain is still active but every year is always a lot of tourists who visit there. The most recommended path to the climbers, especially the amateur climbers is the famous Sembalun path sloping and easily traveled by many beginner climber.

Before the climb you should rest first in the basecamp to adapt first to the environmental conditions around Rinjani. You should leave early in the day if you do not want to spend more just to stay in basecamp early journey because the trip at night is usually prohibited by the officers. If you have completed the registration stages at the climbing entrance then you will continue Mount Rinjani trekking to heading 1 and post 2 which is dominated by green savanna green eyes. The journey will start to feel heavy when you’ve past post 2 and approach post 3 because the terrain will be much harder than the savanna you’ve passed before

In Mount Rinjani trekking you will spend about 10 hours to reach the top with a note not to visit the lake Segara Anak. In the savanna itself you will spend about 4 hours so left about 6 hours journey with a heavier and more draining field. Especially if the climber has reached the final resting point at Plewangan Sembalun then climbers must be able to conquer the sand field with a 70 degree slope if you want to see the top of Rinjani. The trip to this summit will be the toughest journey that climbers climb because in addition to requiring extra power the climbers also have to face cold weather, strong winds and other obstacles ready to confront the climbers. But all efforts and struggles will be paid off completely if the climber successfully reaches the top of Rinjani.

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