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Bromo Tour Package Recommendations

Bromo is one of the main tourist destinations in East Java. The uniqueness and charm of the landscape it offers indeed provides its own flavors that will impress the visitors when visiting it.

In this area not far from Surabaya, you can visit the famous mountain with sunrise and sea of ​​sand. No need to worry if you need to make a difficult climb to get to the top because there are already facilities that can help you get there comfortably. The important thing is that you have fully calculated all the costs needed to do the Bromo Tour.

Bromo Tour Package Recommendations

Bromo Tour Package Recommendations

Bromo Tour Package Recommendations. There are two actual ways when you want to go to Bromo. First, you can go there without using any tour services. In other words, all your activities when you travel there are your own responsibility. If you like adventure, this method is perfect for you to choose. Of course you have to design everything carefully from the start of the vehicle route, how many tourist locations you want to visit, or how much it costs to stay at the closest hotel to the tourist area. The advantage, by taking this one way, you tend to be free to determine the entire contents of your vacation there.

However, if you are on vacation more want to be easy, and practical, it is recommended to do the second way, namely to take the Surabaya Bromo Tour package from a local travel service. This method tends to be easier to do because it is as if you have hired someone to arrange your vacation trip in Bromo. You don’t need to take care of many things but only need to provide funds that are in line with what travel offers. Time to do holidays there is also limited and tourist destination destinations have also been determined in full there. You just follow it.

General Description of the Bromo Tour Package

Now you are lucky because there are many parties that offer Bromo tour packages with a variety of relatively affordable prices. You can choose which one best suits your wishes, especially in terms of destinations. You can choose, for example, only to tour the Bromo area or go to various other areas that can also be reached in the Surabaya area. Of course the price per package will be different from each other, the amount of time spent on vacation will also affect the price you have to pay.

As an illustration, for example, the cost of opening an trip for Bromo only for 12 hours requires 300 thousand. That’s a very cheap fund, especially because you don’t have to pay any more fees. Certainly a little different when you want a long time to vacation there. It could be for example that you choose to spend two days and one night then the cost goes up because there is a fee to stay at the hotel that you must fulfill. Whichever package is taken to go to Bromo, it must be ensured that you are in accordance with the visit package, time, or funds offered. Thus your vacation will be fun too.

When you, for example, travel to Bromo not only alone but also with your family, it would be better if you take the second type of package. The advantage is that you can spend vacation time with your family longer, while at the same time you will also be helped from taking care of things that might be troublesome such as lodging or hotel rental in Bromo.


Bromo Ijen Tour Package for Exploring Nature, Culture and Volcano

Bromo Ijen Tour Package for Exploring Nature, Culture and Volcano . Ijen has active volcano in East Java that consists of several small mountains. It is located in Banyuwangi regency and its crater is popular site due to blue flame attraction. When taking journey to Ijen, you must stop by to enjoy Bromo. This destination is very popular with some interesting areas to enjoy. Both mountains include into Bromo ijen tour package.

Bromo Ijen Tour Package for Exploring Nature, Culture and Volcano

East Java has several mountains besides Ijen and Bromo, such as Semeru as the highest one in Java Island. At the first glance, there is no difference between Ijen and Bromo, but that is not true. Bromo is unique because of the sea of sand and Tengger tribe. On the other side, Ijen is interesting since its crater is very large. Bromo is a single mountain, while Ijen is composed by composite volcano. Nature scenery is the main reason to visit Bromo, particularly to enjoy sunrise. Besides, Kasada is held at certain days as offering ritual for God. In addition, Tengger community has long history and Kasada is its ritual. Based on historical background, Tengger was descendant of Majapahit kingdom that took refuge due to political instability. Until today, most of Tengger people live around Bromo in four regencies: Malang, Pasuruan, Probolinggo, and Lumajang. By joining Bromo ijen tour package, you can explore Bromo and enjoying its rituals.

Mount Bromo and Ijen Crater Tour Package

Furthermore, if you want to do hiking or trekking, Ijen is good place to try. It is different from Bromo because it has more vast green area and quite easy to climb. The crater is its main destination, but Banyuwangi has many interesting places. In order to reach the crater, you need to prepare few gears. Well Bromo ijen tour package will guide and provide everything that you need to enjoy this mountain. The tour also includes some beautiful beaches and parks around this regency. As similar to Tengger, Banyuwangi has oozing as ethnic community with interesting culture to explore. Need tour operator to handle your privat tour with best service ? please contact .

Note Mount Rinjani Trekking Via Sembalun

Climbing the mountain is one of the activities to be done by many people especially if the climbing trip accompanied by the people closest to the atmosphere would be more fun. One of the mountains that must be visited is Mount Rinjani trekking which has a height of 3726 meters. With these altitudes make this mountain became the second highest volcano in Indonesia. although the mountain is still active but every year is always a lot of tourists who visit there. The most recommended path to the climbers, especially the amateur climbers is the famous Sembalun path sloping and easily traveled by many beginner climber.

Before the climb you should rest first in the basecamp to adapt first to the environmental conditions around Rinjani. You should leave early in the day if you do not want to spend more just to stay in basecamp early journey because the trip at night is usually prohibited by the officers. If you have completed the registration stages at the climbing entrance then you will continue Mount Rinjani trekking to heading 1 and post 2 which is dominated by green savanna green eyes. The journey will start to feel heavy when you’ve past post 2 and approach post 3 because the terrain will be much harder than the savanna you’ve passed before

In Mount Rinjani trekking you will spend about 10 hours to reach the top with a note not to visit the lake Segara Anak. In the savanna itself you will spend about 4 hours so left about 6 hours journey with a heavier and more draining field. Especially if the climber has reached the final resting point at Plewangan Sembalun then climbers must be able to conquer the sand field with a 70 degree slope if you want to see the top of Rinjani. The trip to this summit will be the toughest journey that climbers climb because in addition to requiring extra power the climbers also have to face cold weather, strong winds and other obstacles ready to confront the climbers. But all efforts and struggles will be paid off completely if the climber successfully reaches the top of Rinjani.