Bromo Ijen Tour Package for Exploring Nature, Culture and Volcano

Bromo Ijen Tour Package for Exploring Nature, Culture and Volcano . Ijen has active volcano in East Java that consists of several small mountains. It is located in Banyuwangi regency and its crater is popular site due to blue flame attraction. When taking journey to Ijen, you must stop by to enjoy Bromo. This destination is very popular with some interesting areas to enjoy. Both mountains include into Bromo ijen tour package.

Bromo Ijen Tour Package for Exploring Nature, Culture and Volcano

East Java has several mountains besides Ijen and Bromo, such as Semeru as the highest one in Java Island. At the first glance, there is no difference between Ijen and Bromo, but that is not true. Bromo is unique because of the sea of sand and Tengger tribe. On the other side, Ijen is interesting since its crater is very large. Bromo is a single mountain, while Ijen is composed by composite volcano. Nature scenery is the main reason to visit Bromo, particularly to enjoy sunrise. Besides, Kasada is held at certain days as offering ritual for God. In addition, Tengger community has long history and Kasada is its ritual. Based on historical background, Tengger was descendant of Majapahit kingdom that took refuge due to political instability. Until today, most of Tengger people live around Bromo in four regencies: Malang, Pasuruan, Probolinggo, and Lumajang. By joining Bromo ijen tour package, you can explore Bromo and enjoying its rituals.

Mount Bromo and Ijen Crater Tour Package

Furthermore, if you want to do hiking or trekking, Ijen is good place to try. It is different from Bromo because it has more vast green area and quite easy to climb. The crater is its main destination, but Banyuwangi has many interesting places. In order to reach the crater, you need to prepare few gears. Well Bromo ijen tour package will guide and provide everything that you need to enjoy this mountain. The tour also includes some beautiful beaches and parks around this regency. As similar to Tengger, Banyuwangi has oozing as ethnic community with interesting culture to explore. Need tour operator to handle your privat tour with best service ? please contact .

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